Bathroom Tile Trends of 2024

Bathroom Tile Trends of 2024


Welcome to the ultimate guide for bathroom tile trends for 2024! We will discuss the most popular colours that have been catching your eyes, and the most prominent styles on the scene this year. Whether you’re wanting to start from scratch or just a little refresh, or if you’re remodelling for yourself or aiming to sell, this will provide you with inspiration to keep your bathroom looking and feeling up to date.


Green Bathroom Tiles

Consumer research conducted this year on Google Search trends has shown that green bathroom tiles have been widely sought after, as they give a natural and fresh feel, whether these be from soft pastel tones or darker green hues. Our selection, in some new additions, of green bathroom tiles can be found here -

Blue Bathroom Tiles

Blue bathroom tiles remain ever-present in bathroom design in 2023, as they bring a cool calming atmosphere to the room. Often described as adding tranquillity to a bathroom, the flexibility of the range of shades of blue tiles makes them a popular choice in the home. Like green, blue offers a refreshing alternative to neutrals while maintaining a stylish design. Our wide variety of blue bathroom tiles can be found here -

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