Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles with colour and style

Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles with colour and style

Colour can easily affect the feel and mood of a person or a room, so it’s not surprising that the use of colour is becoming increasingly popular in the world of tiling. Colour can be used to create a statement or to reflect your personality.

Coloured tiles don’t have to be bright or bold, they can be subtle and understated. Sample tiles are readily available so you can easily look at a few different colour options before making a full commitment.

The science and symbolism of colour can really help you to set the right tone. Whether you are looking for bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles deciding on the mood you want to create can be an excellent place to start.

Vibrant primaries like red, blue and yellow tiles will add a sense of fun and positivity. Greens shades are natural and harmonious and are said to be lucky. Black tiles will add a sense of mystique and drama whereas grey or white tiles can be a little lower-key and a great option if you want to add an accent colour with soft furnishings. Pink tiles are always a popular, playful option and are certain to spark creativity.

If you are unsure about taking the plunge into full bright colour, then the simple natural stone tones and shades often found in nature will work in perfect harmony to give your wall tiles a timeless appeal.

Don’t be afraid to use colour in your home, it’s a great way to add your individuality and style! 

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