How Light Can Affect Your Bathroom Tiles

How Light Can Affect Your Bathroom Tiles

Sometimes you think you have found the perfect bathroom tiles for your new bathroom only to find that when you get them home, they look nothing like you remembered.

This is because light, both natural and artificial can have a huge effect on how colour is perceived. Bearing this in mind, it’s always a good idea to start your search for bathroom tiles by ordering a few sample tiles first. This way you can try them in your environment.

Never look at your sample tiles outdoors as this type of light won’t be duplicated in your bathroom. Do look at your samples in the room you are going to be using them in and view them at different times of the day. Take into consideration the type of natural light and shade your bathroom has.

Is it north facing with little natural daylight or is it south facing with full light throughout the day? These different types of natural light can affect the appearance of your tiles as well as the mood of your bathroom, either enriching the colour or washing the colour out depending on the intensity of light.

With a little help from artificial lighting, you can set the right atmosphere and tone for your bathroom. There are lots of different options such as spotlights, fluorescents, wall sconces, recessed downlights, vanity lights and single ceiling lights.  Even changing the colour of your bulbs can give your bathroom either a warm or cool glow. 

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