Maximising Small Spaces with Tiles

Maximising Small Spaces with Tiles

Design Tips for a Spacious Feel

In recent years, smaller living spaces have become increasingly commonplace, especially in urban areas. This could be a cosy flat or making the most of a bathroom on the smaller side, but design strategies (including tile choices) are a big factor in giving the illusion of spaciousness.  In this blog, we’ll explore how to maximise small spaces with our tile design ideas.

Light Colour Schemes

Arguably the most important choice of any design project is the colour scheme, and working with a small space makes this even more significant. Lighter colours on both the walls and floor, such as whites and soft pastels, can make a room look and feel much lighter by reflecting natural light. Furthermore, vertical tile patterns draw your gaze upwards which gives an impression of a higher ceiling. This effect can be achieved with subway tiles, vertically oriented mosaics, or tiles with subtle vertical lines.

Small bright bathroom with white floor and wall tiles

Large Format Tiles

Choosing larger format tiles, such as 24x24 inches (or even bigger!) can also give the illusion of spaciousness. One reason for this is the elimination of too many grouting lines, as a seamless visual can trick the eye – particularly effective in bathrooms and kitchens. Grouting colour should also match closely to the tile colour to avoid distractions. If possible, continue the same tiles onto the wall as have been on the floor for a more cohesive look.

Glossy or Polished Finishes

As these options are reflective, they will bounce both natural and man-made light around the room to make your space feel brighter and more open. For extra glamour, you could even opt for mirrored tiles. However, be sure to choose slip-resistant tiles for wet areas such as bathrooms.


The right tile choices and design strategies can transform even the smallest spaces and turn them into inviting areas. Regardless of the room, tile selections can make all the difference in creating a spacious feel, which can add extra comfort to a home.

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