How to Prevent Slipping on a Bathroom Floor

How to Prevent Slipping on a Bathroom Floor

Here at Tiles360 we know that floor tiles are an excellent choice for a bathroom or shower area, there is such a wealth of style and size available to choose from, they are also easy to maintain and when looked after will last a very long time. But even so, we often find that customers do have concerns about slipping in the bathroom and this worry can often cause anxiety when shopping for floor tiles. So, what can be done to avoid a potential disaster happening in the first place? 

First and foremost, take careful consideration over the type of floor tiles that you choose. Any tile with a textured surface will provide much greater resistance and superior grip than a smoother surface. Whilst smooth polished floor tiles will look incredibly stylish, they will also be slippery, particularly when they are wet!

If you are looking for floor tiles that will provide a more secure feeling underfoot then you may need to consider using an Anti-slip floor tile. These types of tiles have a textured grip surface and will have also undergone rigorous testing. Anti-slip tiles have different slip ratings depending on their surface texture and test results. The modern way of rating these types of tiles is with a PTV rating, an ideal slip rating for a wet area would be a 36+ which would give excellent slip resistance. 

There are also two or three things that you can do to limit the risk of accidents in the bathroom. Underfloor heating is a fantastic option that will not only keep your feet warm and comfortable but will also help to dry out your floor area much faster. A really simple option is to use a rubber backed bath mat to step onto after using the bath or shower. Also, mop up any water splashes after use.

Lastly, remember that your bathroom is a place of relaxation, choose your floor tiles carefully and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

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